MIDI over BLE on Linux under review, finally!

I am very happy to say that I finally have a version good enough to be sent for peer-review on linux-bluetooth mainling list.

There will be other little reviews, obviously. But hopefully this patch will be accepted for next BlueZ version.

Please, I invite you to review and test. You can check the patch at linux-bluetooth and a video demo I made (below as well).

Important notes:

  • GATT client (GAP central role)
  • libmidi (MIDI parsing)
  • unit-tests

The GATT server (GAP Peripheral role) can easily be implemented using libmidi . Once this main patch is in mainline, then it will be interesting to start working on it.

As mentioned on my patch, I would like to send kudos to ROLI Ltd. which allowed my to work on this as part of my full-time job.

  • Rajan Gnilebe

    I got it running. MIDI Ports showing as “Seaboard Block PNWJ Bluetooth”. Unfortunately BitWig doesn’t see them and I need some VirMIDI-Rerouting to make the Seaboard Block working with BitWig. Is the port name too long?

    I’m also very interested in a linux version of Equator (Player) and Blocks Dashboard for Linux. Can this be arranged?