Monthly Archives: September 2016

Linux v4.9 with more USB-MIDI improvements

I am very happy to say that finally all ROLI‘s patches for USB-MIDI gadget driver for the Seaboard GRAND has been accepted upstream and it will be part of v4.9 of the Linux Kernel. Those final patches ended up causing improvements on the core USB Gadget framework as well, fixing potential bugs and making it more robust.

Some changes:

  • Refactor of the MIDI state machine;
  • Properly clean buffers if USB’s endpoint gets disabled;
  • USB Request allocator function aligns OUT endpoints to wMaxPacketSize property;
  • Other things as well…

The patches can be seen on Felipe Balbi’s and Greg Kroah-Hartman’s branches at this moment, since the v4.9 merge window is not open yet.

As always I would like to send appreciations to the Linux community, which has been always very open and helpful.

Make sure to update your kernel to 4.9 when it is available and enjoy!